New York Times Bestselling Author to Speak at GPA

New York Times bestselling author, Michael G. Thompson, Ph.D., will speak at The Grosse Pointe Academy (GPA) on Monday, April 12 at 7:00 pm as this year’s William Charles McMillan III lecturer. Current GPA parents are invited to attend the lecture in person at the new Cotton Multipurpose Learning Center. The lecture, which will include a Q&A session with in-person attendees, will be livestreamed via Facebook Live for the broader community.

A clinical psychologist, school consultant and international speaker on the subjects of children, schools and parenting, Dr. Thompson will discuss “How to Raise Responsible Children,” a talk that provides an overview of different parenting styles and includes solutions on how to provide consistency and communicate successfully with children.

Experienced Expert and Author

Dr. Thompson’s nine books focus on helping parents and educators gain a deeper understanding about children, their development, behaviors and relationships with their caregivers and each other. His most popular book titles include “Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys,” co-written with Dr. Dan Kindlon, “Homesick and Happy,” a powerful look at the magic of summer camp—and why it is so important for children to be away from home and “Best Friends, Worst Enemies,” co-written with Catherine O’Neill Grace, which  illuminates the crucial and often hidden role that friendship plays in the lives of children from birth through adolescence.

A dedicated speaker and traveler, Michael Thompson has appeared on The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC’s 20/20, CBS’s 60 Minutes, The Early Show and Good Morning America. He has been quoted in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Time and U.S. News and World Report and has been a guest on NPR’s “Morning Edition” with Susan Stamberg, “Talk of the Nation” with Ray Suarez and the Diane Rehm Show. He wrote, narrated and hosted a two-hour PBS documentary entitled “Raising Cain” that was broadcast nationally in 2006.

Workshops with GPA Faculty and Middle School Students

Before the evening lecture on April 12, Dr. Thompson will spend the day with GPA Middle School students and faculty.

Dr. Thompson will speak to Middle School students about peer-to-peer relationships and will address the differences between popularity and true friendships.

In his after-school session with faculty, Dr. Thompson will focus his discussion around his new book, co-written with Rob Evans, Ed.D., entitled “Hopes and Fears: Working with Today’s Independent School Parents.” This talk is intended to help faculty understand the concerns of today’s parents, and supply them with the information necessary to build and sustain effective relationships with parents and families.

About the William Charles McMillan III Lecture Series

William Charles McMillan III was a student at The Grosse Pointe Academy from 1973 until 1981 where, receiving love and encouragement, he learned to reach beyond his limitations. Although weak physically, McMillan was intellectually gifted and his passion for life, his love and concern for all living things, and his enthusiastic use of verbal skills changed the lives of those who were closest to him and left a lasting impression on all with whom he came in contact.

Never at a loss for words, he was bursting with impressions, questions and insights which came pouring out in a dazzling, dizzying torrent. It was rare to have a brief, superficial conversation with McMillan.

A friend commented, “I sometimes felt like I needed a seat belt when William was talking to me, because he would take us into outer space, back into primeval history, and then into a universe of his own imagining.”

McMillan believed that anyone could make a significant and lasting impact on the world no matter what one’s age, size or circumstance.

The William Charles McMillan III Lecture Series focuses on elementary education and is dedicated to the proposition that every child can reach beyond his or her own limitation, and that each child makes the world a better place. It is the goal of these lectures to take your mind where it has never been before.