World Languages

Early and continual exposure to world languages

The Grosse Pointe Academy students participate in world languages courses through their entire time at the school – all the way from Montessori Early School to eighth grade.

As part of the Academy’s mission to produce insightful global citizens and in acknowledgement of the world as an increasingly interdependent society, we are committed to giving students an understanding of diverse values, religions and world perspectives.

The Academy offers French and Spanish courses, opening new opportunities for personal development, future academic pursuits and career aspirations. The program’s goal is to give students the power to communicate and share across cultures and receive the cognitive benefits of second language learning.

Montessori Early School World Languages

  • Beginner French for our youngest students
  • Harnesses the Academy’s history as a French Catholic convent and school
  • Weekly lessons cementing basic vocabulary and conversation

Lower School World Languages

  • Bi-weekly French instruction
  • Oral learning conducted almost exclusively in French
  • Students choose preferred second language (French or Spanish) in fifth grade to pursue through Middle School

Middle School World Languages

  • Daily lessons in student’s chosen language  (French or Spanish)
  • Advanced dialogue and situational learning
  • Unique experiences like Skyping with native speakers across the globe
  • Cross-curricular study

The Grosse Pointe Academy’s instructors, all native speakers of the language they teach, are lauded for their teaching methods and success. Academy students have won local and national competitions and awards for world languages and are often placed well beyond their grade level in high school.