Character Development and Christian Life

Responsible and Respectful Citizens

The Grosse Pointe Academy openly welcomes students and families of all faiths and backgrounds. As a former convent, the Academy’s Christian heritage informs our values of empathy, equality and compassion.

The Academy is emphatically dedicated to empowering students to not only grow up to be intelligent adults, but responsible citizens who value fellow human beings, cultures, opinions, differences and the planet – as well as themselves.

Character development permeates daily lessons through classroom discussion and activities, as well as out-of-classroom experiences. The Academy instills high moral character through community service, athletics, Christian Life classes, world language learning, field trips and more.

In addition to academic skill development, The Grosse Pointe Academy emphasizes personal growth. The school’s Character Development program permeates all aspects of daily life and reminds students of the high behavioral expectations to which they are held. Developed specifically for our community, the program encourages students to be respectful, responsible and safe.

From first grade on, students learn appropriate behavior not only in the classroom but in other realms of the school, including the hallway, cafeteria and outside at recess. Expectations are clear, and lessons are reinforced in Christian Life classes throughout the year. This program helps foster the positive, nurturing and stimulating learning community that is The Grosse Pointe Academy.