Comprehensive Student Roadmap for Growth

Maximizing Student Potential Inside and Outside the Classroom

The Comprehensive Student Roadmap for Growth is a one-of-a-kind program for fifth through eighth grade students and their families. With the guidance of faculty advisors, our students establish personal and academic goals, then design a personalized plan for achieving these objectives. The Roadmap uses all elements of a student’s educational experience – goal setting, standardized test results, classroom work, social interactions, citizenship and leadership – to assist in measuring progress and developing strategies for growth. The program enhances student engagement, develops within our students an intrinsic desire to learn, and provides an opportunity to explore individual interests and strengths.

The multi-step process begins in classrooms and in advisory meetings, where students are actively involved in goal-setting lessons. They discover the importance and types of goals, learn how to use goals as a driving force, and evaluate their progress toward achievement. Once students have set goals, parents meet directly with the Assistant Head of School to discuss parent and student objectives, recent testing results and current grades, all of which will help determine the most effective way for the school to help students achieve their goals. The process continues throughout the year as both students and parents check goal progress at various points in the year.

The dialogue continues all the way through eighth grade and provides students and families with a head start when the high school placement process begins in their final year at The Grosse Pointe Academy.